Zonked out immediately after i came back home from the zombie run ytd. There wasn’t any energy left in me to blog so sumimase everybadeh.

Started the day ytd with chewy spam calling my phone because she was scared that i overslept haha.

 Afterwhich we took a bloody long time to get to harbourfront because I’ve always thought that this damn station was on the red line. When we got on the mrt i told chewy ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got this, i know how to go.’ Then when we reached marina bay i was like ‘Wtf where did harbourfront disappear to’ lol.

We ended up cabbing there with  chewy nagging at me about how late we were just coz someone (me) act like she knows the way there hahaha Okay Seeonn i’ve learnt my lesson, harbourfront station is on purple and yellow line. I’m sorwi and I lub you 😉

Taken before the run. Buay tahan my cui face

Taken before the run.
Buay tahan my cui face

Luckily we weren’t that late when we reached the registration centre and despite all the compaints on fb about how the oraganisation sucked on Day 1 of the run, Day 2 was relatively efficient. We met a group of 20+ year olds with a girl whose name was Mystica. Yup. Mystica. I’ll never get why anyone would name their child that but she was a real nice girl and we decided to run tgt.

When the run started at 11.15am, i was a bundle of nerves because i didn’t know how things r gonna turn out. Was worried  for chewy also since she wasn’t really in her element ytd. We lost Mystica after like 10 minutes into the run? Lol. Anw, the obstacles were cool but can be made harder i guess. However, i was really impressed by the zombies. Their make-up were SO realistic and they were VERY into their roles. So into it that they became quite aggressive. Seeonn got her fbt and hair pulled while my bib was snatched away too.

some of the zombies from day 2, taken from fb

some of the zombies from day 2, taken from fb

We walked and conserved our energies most of the time so that we can sprint whenever we met a wave of zombies.  Finally when we were approx. 10m away from the finishing line with one life flag each, Seeonn got hers snatched away. ohmygawd. whut just happened? So damn freaking close. URGH. She was really really upset after that because she really wanted the survivor t-shirt and you have no idea how helpless i felt as i queued for mine. It’s the same feeling you get when you get good results while your friend gets straight U. You just can’t get happy no matter how good your results are.

I wouldn’t say it was a darn good experience because chewy had a lot on her mind other than the race. I think i’d just blame it on bad timing. She felt better after we went Marche and did some shopping. It was fun taking random stuff and promoting them in different accents before the real promoter caught us.

I’d be the first to admit that i suck at comforting people. So i called yewtong after the race and ask him to come and lift chewy’s spirits. (That’s  what he’s good at since he’s a joke himself) We made our way to Bras Basah and bought some white facepaint and theatre blood for Thurs (YAY)

It was a tiring day but, all in all, a once in a lifetime experience  🙂

Way overdued pic.  We went to *scape to collect our bags n bibs

Way overdued pic.
We went to *scape to collect our bags n bibs

le survivor tee

le survivor tee

 the video both days is over here ->
Ciao for now


“But at the same time when no one can see that you’re depressed you just wanna yell to the world that you’re upset”

Yup, pretty much sums out how I’m feeling now.
Initially, I was writing a happy post about the morning swim with Seeonn in her atas country club but i ended up scraping the whole post because something, or should i say some people ruin my whole day.


 I remember back in AHS, I’ll always tell Michelle ‘birds of the same feather, flock together’ whenever I see people like them.  Lazy and irresponsible. Life’s all fun and games for you isn’t it ^^

Well I’m really glad that you’re having a blast at the expense of my time and effort. You’re welcome.

 I think what I need now is a dose of the comeback kids.They always make me feel a whole lot better. Couldn’t make it for the simpang dinz with them due to training. Boohoo i want my tehtarikkkk

Doesn’t feel right if i don’t talk to them for more than 3 days haha. Now that I think about it, we’ve really been through a lot together. Still remembered we studied for 1/2 hr and talked for 1-2 hr haha Really glad that we all ended up in VJ. Cmi w/out them.

Ok i’m done for now, maybe meeting ma bitch Phyllis tmr and fri, hell will soon arrive.Ohya and can’t wait for the zombie run with my babychewy this sun. Hope we survive it. Fingers and toes crossed.

Ciao otters


hello giraffe

I’ve been hesitating to start a blog ever since mye. Partly because I’m a lazy pig and partly because I didn’t know if anyone would want to read my posts. C’mon la, anyone would be lying if they said they honestly didn’t care about view counts.

Anws, the real main reason that made me start this blog is because of this year. I have this confusing love-hate relationship with year 2013. This year alone I’ve experienced the highest ups and the lowest downs. More of the downs i guess. So I’ve been itching to create a writing space that twitter and fb can’t provide. This blog will get as random as my mood gets, so don’t be surprised when one day I’m on cloud nine and the next day I’m posting middle fingers. I’m a girl, it’s a legit excuse.

I guess with the new blog now, I’ll be tweeting even lesser hurh hurh… Maybe one day I might just stop using social media altogether. This blog is my temporary haven, I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but at least I’ll get some form of comfort for the time being by typing out my thoughts. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it (:

Ciao for now

P.s If you have a blog and want me to link it, feel free to dm, wa or sms me