My first puff

Cant sleep now coz I just had a four hour nap so I’ll just blog about ytd. Anyway, Sonali and I went to wavehouse on sat night for an event. Met a lot of new ppl there Yixin, Fangyi n her sis as well as a Korean dude called YoungJun.

We were just chilling around and watching Fangyi’s sis compete when suddenly youngjun said he hid a bottle of vodka that he just bought and asked us whether we wanna go out and drink. We were like  ‘yea sure but where did u hide it?’ Turns out he hid it IN SOME BUSH outside wavehouse hahaha, fullblown retard.

So we drank and sonali was out pretty fast since some shit ruined the night for her. I guess the vodka helped her. As for me I didn’t drink much because I had to stay as a sober worrywart for this girl. Burden ah you

Something interesting did happened though. I had my first puff when Youngjun was finishing his cigarette. I don’t really remember what happened but all I know was that my first puff was from a dying stub and the first thought that came to my mind was…dayumm

I rmb inhaling from the brown end of the cigarette and watching the burning tip glow even brighter than before. What came next was a taste so distinct and acute, along with a little bit of spice. It was totally different from secondhand smoke. Its more… flavorful if I’m allowed to say that. I can now see why ppl need it as a stress reliever or allowing it to become an addiction.

No worries I won’t let myself spiral down that route (even though I have to admit its pretty good.) I have training to worry about, can’t let those smoke get in my way of getting a pb in high jump hah smoking is just out of pure curiosity.

another interesting thing that happened was what Yixin told me while we were chatting. Other than warning me not to trust a single guy in clubs, she also told me about this scholar from VJ who has been smsing her. AND BOY was I so shocked to find out that I actually know this scholar from my batch. I just might have found out his darkest secrets. All I can say is we really can’t judge a book by its cover.

Went to a food centre in front of stjames as well as holland v to eat before heading home. All in all a good night. Alrighty better go grab some sleep now, lucky Monday is late start day yay


The day before yesterday, I woke up to this particular song which started playing in my head immediately after I opened my eyes. No reasons why, no reasons how. It just did and it made me wondered if it was some kind of sign…

Changing of  The Seasons

And when you say you won’t forget me
Well I can tell you that’s untrue
’cause every day since you left me
I’ve thought less and less of you

And I’ve worn out all the reasons
To keep on knocking at your door
Could be the changing of the seasons
But I don’t love you anymore

I’m not implying that I’m done liking someone or whatever -_-  Just that I feel like every second before now is considered the past. Changing of the seasons. We’re all at the mercy of time. Some memories will stick with us for life but many, I believe, will just be forgotten as time allows us to do so.

Time, at the same time (pun unintended), also allows us to grow and I hope that I’m doing that everyday because I want to be a better me. To be more open to different perspectives of things, to not be (a) judgemental (bitch) and to love people whom I care

Many of you might think that its wierd for me to interpret this love song the way I did. I’m pretty much a wierdo myself anyway. Anyhoos, dat the song down below

Update on my lyfe:

This sat prolly gg last min shopping for cny clothes ugh but when the night arrives…partay time!! hehe can’t waittt

I’m also considering to invite my class to my house for one of the days during cny hehe I seem to like organising event/outings even though I’m always losing money because of it ._. But but but it would be so nice to have them over for lunch or dinner and just chill by playing cards or mahjong after that yay. However, I wonder if my 5 room flat might be too small for their taste since most of them live in humongous properties -.-” oh screw it I’ll just think about that next week.


To my Dearest Lamie

Many ppl had showered me with well wishes and gifts for the past 24 hours and I’m really glad and thankful for all that. It surprised me that many of you remembered my birthday, be it through fb or your amazing memory (Remembering birthdays has always been a huge challenge for me) I was really happy today and felt extremely pampered. Thank you all for being such a great friends. Yun feels like a very blessed girl today 🙂

This post was quite impromtu but I felt like I needed to write it because giving her a thankyou reply through sms after she gave me such a wonderful present just wouldn’t suffice. So this post is specially for you lamie, my friend since we’re 7 yrs old 😉

You were the first person to give me a birthday pressie today during assembly, but it was only opened after I found some alone time in the library because I felt like your’s was a special one and I couldn’t just opened it anywhere anytime. I love every single thing that was inside, it was like a gift full of surprises. I think we’re really telepathic because just yesterday I was annoying my sis so that she will give me this ultra cute postit tags (i failed to convince her in the end), and then a day later you gave me a cuter one!  I also absolutely adore the penguin, I’m gonna hang it on my bag along with my rilakuma hehe

Then I got sentimental after seeing the notebook you gave me. I got a feeling that I won’t ever use it because it’s just too special for anything to be written on it.

I hope you don’t mind but I want to share the quote you wrote in the notebook,

“Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side;

our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.” -Ally Londie

Other people may not know the significance of this quote but we both know what it means. I know what it feels like because we’ve been through it. We’ve never make it a point to salvage anything when we’re seeing less of each other, we just went with the flow and I’m also fine with it because just like what you say, no matter if we haven’t meet up for a long time, we’ll still talk like we’ve known each other forever when we do meet. Haha I’m trying real hard to type because I’m like tearing non-stop while typing this to you. I kept reading the quote over again and teared each time I read it. Gosh I’m really a crybaby.

Anyway, I really love your gift, especially your note, I stilll love blue and always will. Your gift and notes are always the most sincere and your handwriting haven’t change one bit since pri school. You still uses XD in your notes and you are still as meticulous with gifts. You didn’t really know what I liked but you still managed to buy things that I like for me, I’m not even kidding, I really loved the presents :DD

I thank my stars for giving me the chance to be your friend since pri 1, I lub you and will always always be there for you, my distant best friend.

It’s 00.00 and this post marks the end of my 18th birthday.