The Pessimist

Time and time again I told myself not to let negative things screw up my thoughts. Not to let bad grades consume my happiness and twist my perspective on things. Life is not just what I’m living through now, there’s so much more out there. 

And then I start to wonder whether I’m trying (barely) to be optimistic or just plain delusional. Is this what you call self doubt?

Bad thoughts are entering my head now and I can’t seem to get rid of them.

Amongst all these, one thing became clear to me the more I think about it.

My old enemy-The Pessimist still resides within me.


“I know that spades are swords of a soldier,

clubs are weapons of war.

Diamonds are money for the art,

but that’s not the shape of my heart.” -Sting

Well hello there

Just a few days ago, I chanced upon this lovely book by an author named LangLeav. I showed it to Tang and he said her poems were cheesy but Tang’s a guy (and a wierd one too) so his opinion is invalid. I, on the other hand, think that her poems are soooo nice, and its easy to read and understand too. The book is titled -Love & Misadventure-

I’m so going to get my hands on this book. Oh and of course my QueenB’s album.

Here are a few of my favourite poems

I know. You’re welcome


If you saw my rage tweet today, know that everything’s alright now,the 4 kittens came back and it was all just a bad misunderstanding between neighbours. Quick update: 2/4 kittens opened their eyes today! 😀

Alright now, on with the main post about my 4 days of CNY. Feel very much blessed to have spent these 4 days with my fav ppl even though there’s some minor hiccup between pop and me. First two days, chuyi and chuer, is of course reserved for family. The Ng family isn’t really a big family and this year seems to be a tad bit less festive since all the kids have grown and are either working or married off. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed myself by winning money from blackjack hehehehehe… CNY is probably the only time when I fully unleash the gambler in me. Mahjong, blackjack,bridge, taiti, all out hahah It is also a time when my parents are lenient to my alcohol consumption and I’ll just try and taste different kinds of wine. After all of the tasting, Choya is still my all time fav.

What’s CNY without an ofafd? Outfit For All Four Days. I know this might come off sounding weird but I was really happy looking at all the mandatory ootds that the girls posted. Every one of them looked beautiful and happy. I can just feel the joyful and festive atmosphere all around and that makes me happy 🙂 hehe Compared to others, the 2 outfits I bought are more practical so that I can wear them more often when I go to town etc. So here it is (ain’t showing faces coz I look damn cui)


Blouse: SSFW, haji lane (ultimate love)
Skirt: H&M


Blouse: Haji lane
Short: random
Sandals: Aussie




Credits to mei for braiding a waterfall braid teehee

Went for house-visiting on chusan with clique. Started off in wenjing’s house before heading to leom’s house for curry lunch (yum in tum). Kept playing cards (coz we gamblers ya) until we got off our lazy butts and went to des’s house to play mahjong. We jokingly laughed about how we will still be playing mahjong together in many more decades to come. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Glad to have all you girls in my life lub you lots muackxz

Next day, part of S48 came to my house to just chill…ahem (gamble) hahaha had fun teaching them how to play bridge and mahjong. Blackjack was especially fun too when noob rishabh had no luck at all and lost everything he had. There were a few cheats here and there which were quite funny. We had lohei, Andre’s wings and homemade peach tart (yum in tum x2)

 I actually told my sis who was coming and guess what, she blogged about her impression of them and me today, here’s what she said,

“One of her friends was really really big and tall and is an OGL so i suppose I’ll be seeing him again soon. The korean was really cute and the 2 indians funny. My sis told me that when she was playing blackjack, she was in between the two indians and sonali (1 of the indians) commented that it was like an oreo lol.”

You can view her blog here. Oi ahmei I know you’re reading this, see I give you free advertisement okay Edit: Hi Jie not sure if you’ll see this but I took the link down cause I don’t want the free advertisement thanks. NEXT TIME ASK ME FIRST CAN

Well I gotta go now, switching back to study mode. Pics of the last two days down below

Ciaoz for nowz.

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