Greedy bosses

Tomorrow will be my last day in this damned company YES. Sooner or later money will come rolling in YES. In 7 working days, I was transferred to 4 different outlets which consists of Robinsons Orchard, Tangs Orchard, Tangs Vivo and Metro in Paragon. It’s so cray cray since I’m just hopping around, learning in new environments and chit chatting with people whom I’m probably never gonna see in the following day. It’s great in a way since I can quit trying to build pr. But it’s not great to be working for this company since I’ve realised, in a short span of time, that the workers have not been receiving a pay that is equivalent to their efforts.
Foreigners do not get commissions, promoters can get as low as $5.50/hr and the pay for permanent staff is way way WAY lower than market wage rate too. Furthermore, the prices of the jewellery are crazy steep which means that the boss has been swallowing a huge portion of the profits. The more I know, the more pissed I get. Who the hell wants to work for this kind of greedy person? Definitely not me. So ciao after tmr, I’m never going back again.

Ps. I’m replacing two aunties at work tomorrow in paragon, they took a day off so that they can go countdown…like seriously??!! Aunties also got more life than me.


first job after 2 years

Today is my first day of work yay (nay). Yay because I’m eggcited for the money, nothing else. For the next seven days, I’ll be working as a sales promoter for Denni&Kenji, a jewellery retailer at Robinsons. Actually, this job is kinda perfect for me since I’ve always wanted to dabble into sales just to gain experience. However, with that being said, I still felt a little reluctant about working there since I’ll be standing for at least 7 hours with little to nothing to do. So with a teeny bit of regret, I made my way to Orchard.

Fast forward 8 hours, my brain is suffering from an overload of information. The senior promoter taught me things such as the discounts for different gems and crystals, listing down every single material used to craft the jewellery, accounting, packaging, hazards, differentiating freshwater pearls from man-made ones etc. I didn’t think I was able to memorize all of it in 1 hour but I guessed I did since my total sales for the day came up to $332 hahaha not that bad for a first-timer aye? After today, I think I’m still not interested in the retail industry so now I’ll just tank 6 more days. 6 MORE DAYS I CAN DO THIS.

What I’ve been doing

Ever since Alevels was done and dead, I’ve been indulging in a lot and I mean A LOT of American shows. I know it’s not healthy since I’m just sitting there for almost a full day but I can’t help it ITS TOO GOOD. Well another reason that I would rather watch shows is because honestly, I’m too lazy to do anything else. Meh. Lazy chose me.

Here are a few shows that I’m currently watching or hopefully gonna watch in the near future.

1. Survivor Season 29– Its a almost like a weekly ritual duhh
2. Amazing Race Season 25– copy and paste^
3. Once Upon A Time Season 1-4– All time fav drama. I don’t even know where to start on how plot twists crazy this show is. The characters are very complex and the show always find itself stuck in the grey region between the good and evil. Strongly recommended.
4. Suits Season 1– Contemplating whether to start on Season 2 because my couz said things got too serious. I’ll give it the BOD though since Season 1 was good.
5. Selfie– This show is too funny la lol. It was enjoyable watching witty dialogues being passed around.
6. Masterchef Junior– Sean is my bias, he should have won.

Not yet watched:
6. Orphan Black– A woman who have 6 other clones. Sounds legit.
7. American Horror Story– I’m all about the horror
8. 12 years a Slave– This one movie la but got win award one leh must watch.

When I’m not THAT lazy, I’ll try to do some other stuff like painting, baking, shopping, going out with friends and finding jobs. I must say that job searching can be quite addictive. I’ve searched for jobs in gumtree till 2.30am just for the fun of it lol. We’ll leave my job for another post.

There was a day that I baked bread for famz. It wasn’t that bad for a first timer even though I couldn’t activate the yeast until the third time round. Sadly after nearly 5 hours of baking, famz bought curry, dip the bread in it and nom it away in 1 hour ūüėź


I’m also continuing my painting that I started two yearsūüėÖ


Went to Lang Leav’s meet and greet session, saw her in person and got her signatureūüėé yes be jelly.



Then there’s also track chalet and mahjong session with sec sch seniors:))



Okay maybe my holiday wasn’t that lazy haha. However, from Friday on is work work werk all day everyday. Kinda dread it but oh wells I can do with some extra cash in my bleeding wallet.

Till then!

Post-grad party

Okay well, since I still can’t sleep despite one helluva night,I might as well just type out what happened at Zouk. SOooo, Sonali, Rishabh and I were intending to go in a lil bit later after the party warmed up. We went to Holiday Inn¬†and bought¬†some¬†vodka¬†so that we can¬†drink it before going in. Well, apparently¬†both¬†Sonali and¬†Rishabh had¬†one too many drinks and got¬†themselves semi-drunk before even entering zouk lol -_-¬†semi-drunk as in¬†not being able to walk straight and spluttering nonsense¬†but still have some form of consciousness.¬†Imagine Rishabh telling us that sex is wtf? haha how am¬†I suppose to react to that.

Then, we went into zouk and man, the atmosphere was so high and contagious that we immediately went to dance in the main dancefloor.¬†I think everybody went a lil crazier than usual since it’s their first time here haha. Afterwards, everything kinda went downhill when Sonali said that she wanted to go home because she wasn’t feeling well. This girl had 12 shots and after all that dancing¬†I can safely say that she’s drunk as fu*k. Also, Rishabh looked like he wanted to puke too and I was like ‘fak whatdamisupposetodoooo’. So I called some friends for halp¬†but none of them were free and I was¬†like

stitch facepalm                                                                      
‘You know what Liyun, ŚÖ®ťĚ†šĹ†Ťá™Ś∑ĪšļÜ’

Cabbing back to Sonali’s house was the most torturous part of the night because she was like a mad drunk woman screaming about everything and calling me Hillary LOL I’ll make sure she remembers that she owes me one. Rishabh just kept puking all the way but at least he still know what he’s doing.

As if the night couldn’t get any worse,¬†Rishabh and I¬†cab back and partied to like a few songs before the DJ closed the night at 3am?? I thought close at 4.30 one? Cheat my feelings and cab fees sia. I partied for like¬†less than 1 hour, ordered a shitty gin&tonic and didn’t even dance with Jolyn and Jasmin and other friends like are you kidding me bro? My mood wasn’t exactly great at that point of time but then I saw Bill who was walking unsteadily with his friends and I really couldn’t help laughing because he looked so red and drunk haha. After that, the VS boys got together for supper at serangoon¬†gardens and I tagged along with Rishabh and all of them¬†since both of us had a lot of time to spare before going to the airport to send Lien off.

All I can say is¬†being the one of the 2 girls amongst 20++ VS (I stress VS) boys is a lil bit too much for me uh haha I kinda wanted to leave once¬†I sat down. Okay la, it wasn’t that bad either. Anyway, we caught some sleep on the way to and in the airport only to realise that Lien is¬†reaching at a much later time. We were both really tired by then and just went home without sending her off whoops haha

That’s about it¬†I guess so don’t mind me I’ll just..


With every fibre of my being

These few days have been very confusing. It seems like I still can’t get a good grip on my thoughts. There’s something that has been clouding my mind (SINCE 4EVA) and I’m not sure whether I should take a passive or aggressive approach to it. When I try the passive approach by distracting myself from the thoughts, it stupendously fails since the thoughts will just find a way to sneak back in. When I try the aggressive approach, I find myself backing out (every single time) because it needed too much courage that I cannot seem to muster.

Anyway, I believe that the majority of people¬†will know what topic this post is about so I don’t need to explicitly say la hor. Sian, so like that how?

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