Failure is not an easy thing to accept let alone embrace. It was especially hard for me when I was in pri/sec school as I had very high expectations for myself then. However, throughout the tiring period of Sec2-Jc2, the experience of being slapped in the face by countless number of failures has made me numb. Now, I’ve learnt to  have no expectations of myself so that experiencing failure doesn’t sting as much.

Having said that, there are still occurences which makes me feel like a total loser. A splendid example would be this week. This week had been torturous, I flunked two major exams on separate days and I stress ‘MAJOR’.
I’m honestly starting to doubt myself after this week. My attitude, capabilities, intelligence…are they all inferior to others? If not then why can’t I accomplish the task that seems so easy to others?

Okay I just realised that I instinctively compared myself to others. I should probably stop doing that. I just feel very disappointed in myself.

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ -Theodore Roosevelt.
Something to keep in mind.


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