As how things normally goes, I should be blogging about the outing with my lovely ladies ytd and the uss trip today but I think I’ll leave that for later.

The reason is because I chanced upon this experiment done in March  called 40 days of dating. Its basically 2 friends of opposite personalities and flaws who try to date each other in an attempt to better themselves in the love department. They then made a website and recorded everything that happened in the 40 days.

I don’t know whether it intrigued me because i was merely a media consumer digging for entertainment or because of the connectedness I instinctively felt when both subjects poured their raw emotional feelings and thoughts out in the open. I really hope it’s the latter. This experiment had gone further than they thought it would be. The feelings that were being put on the line as well as those newly created ones are what made me so amazed. Their fears were very real. Both the fear of their weaknesses and the fears about each other.

After reading all 40 days, I realised how narrow-minded I was and how complex the world out there can be. New thinkings, new possibilities.

You really have to read it for yourself to believe it. My language is nowhere near as sophisticated as those two new yorkers. With well written posts and creative minds, they really gave me a new perspective on love and friendship. It has been a joy to be part of this expeiment as a reader.

You can read it here 40DaysofDating



Ytd was Halloween preparation at full swing after mock op was over!

But everything was put on a hold when ahem Burden Jianing ahem ended her mock op at 2pm and ahem glutton Tang and WeiShun ahem ended their buffet at 3pm. After burden Ning was done, Wenjie + her + me went to joochiat road to find a costume shop to see if we can rent some costumes at a cheap price. Well…to be honest, I was not entirely surprised that the lowest rental rate for one costume was $90. Our budget of $20++ could probably only rent a fanciful hat. Total waste of time :/.

Anyway, we met the glutton duo before heading to my house for make-up. It was 4pm+ by then and the event that we’re attending in Woodgrove Estate starts at 6pm. What’s worse is that it takes 1hr+ to get from Tampines to Woodlands by train. Time definitely wasn’t on our side.


Just doing our thang. Amused mom took this photo.

We quickly started on our make-up after Siying joined us but all of us were totally unsure of what to do. FAIL. We then started on what we knew, slapping white paint on our faces. Consequently, we used eyeliners, eye pencils and lipstick to do some doodling or 自由发挥 as I would like to call it.

At 7pm+, after all the waiting for the white paint to dry (which it never did), getting theatre blood on clothes and messing our hair, we were FINALLY ready to roll.








Colgate smile Weishun


We decided to cab there since it was 7.45pm and the event ends at 8pm lol. I was betting that the event will drag on for a few more hours before it ends so yup. After paying the cab fares, my eyes were about to turn into waterfalls. Boohoo tampines to woodlands $27.10 sia, no joke. Well, at least we reached woodlands (for the first time).

Right after we got off, people were already staring at us. Apparently we were one of the few scary ones (Mission accomplished) Tang even managed to make a child cry while we were walking into the woodgrove estate lol poor kid. I feel you.

Luckily, there were still loads of people strolling aroung the entire estate and I was pleasantly surprised by all the decorated houses. They really did put in a lot of effort into decoration. There was even a house with a mist machine and a skeleton sitting on the sofa. While the people were busily snapping photos of the house, the owners were posing outside for photos too.




This slenderman really lives up to the name and he’s taller than tang wtf

Wlao the houses estate itself was already kinda mindblowing for us. Each of the houses was HUGE. It really does look like those houses in American tv shows but classier. I really can’t imagine how it is like to live in such humongous houses in Singapore.
If there are any downside to this event, I would have to say that some of the people there were kind of rude. I’m not trying to throw shade here but a few of them were really obnoxious. They kept bullying people everywhere they go. One girl even screamed at Tang’s ear and scared the living shit out of him. I stared back at her and she said in her American accent

“Actually, you’re quite scary, congrats! Happy Halloween!”

umm thanks?

Anyway, we had much fun scaring people while we walked in one horizontal straight line around the estate and we 暗爽 when people asked us for photos hahah. We were stared at most of the time but it was a fun experience nonetheless 🙂

Took more pics before heading home…BY MRT



Who knew that street lamps can be good lighting


At the mrt platform


shameless ppl taking mrt at 10pm+ despite knowing that they will scare the shit out of passengers



Monster needs rest too


Cleaned my face on the mrt. I’ll miss these eyes :c


That guy in red was totally judging us.


So we judged back.

Was jaded when i walked home with my last bit of energy but i really had a blast. Had a lot of first times and yolo moments. Not too bad for my first Halloween 🙂

Ciao otters. Happy Halloween



Zonked out immediately after i came back home from the zombie run ytd. There wasn’t any energy left in me to blog so sumimase everybadeh.

Started the day ytd with chewy spam calling my phone because she was scared that i overslept haha.

 Afterwhich we took a bloody long time to get to harbourfront because I’ve always thought that this damn station was on the red line. When we got on the mrt i told chewy ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got this, i know how to go.’ Then when we reached marina bay i was like ‘Wtf where did harbourfront disappear to’ lol.

We ended up cabbing there with  chewy nagging at me about how late we were just coz someone (me) act like she knows the way there hahaha Okay Seeonn i’ve learnt my lesson, harbourfront station is on purple and yellow line. I’m sorwi and I lub you 😉

Taken before the run. Buay tahan my cui face

Taken before the run.
Buay tahan my cui face

Luckily we weren’t that late when we reached the registration centre and despite all the compaints on fb about how the oraganisation sucked on Day 1 of the run, Day 2 was relatively efficient. We met a group of 20+ year olds with a girl whose name was Mystica. Yup. Mystica. I’ll never get why anyone would name their child that but she was a real nice girl and we decided to run tgt.

When the run started at 11.15am, i was a bundle of nerves because i didn’t know how things r gonna turn out. Was worried  for chewy also since she wasn’t really in her element ytd. We lost Mystica after like 10 minutes into the run? Lol. Anw, the obstacles were cool but can be made harder i guess. However, i was really impressed by the zombies. Their make-up were SO realistic and they were VERY into their roles. So into it that they became quite aggressive. Seeonn got her fbt and hair pulled while my bib was snatched away too.

some of the zombies from day 2, taken from fb

some of the zombies from day 2, taken from fb

We walked and conserved our energies most of the time so that we can sprint whenever we met a wave of zombies.  Finally when we were approx. 10m away from the finishing line with one life flag each, Seeonn got hers snatched away. ohmygawd. whut just happened? So damn freaking close. URGH. She was really really upset after that because she really wanted the survivor t-shirt and you have no idea how helpless i felt as i queued for mine. It’s the same feeling you get when you get good results while your friend gets straight U. You just can’t get happy no matter how good your results are.

I wouldn’t say it was a darn good experience because chewy had a lot on her mind other than the race. I think i’d just blame it on bad timing. She felt better after we went Marche and did some shopping. It was fun taking random stuff and promoting them in different accents before the real promoter caught us.

I’d be the first to admit that i suck at comforting people. So i called yewtong after the race and ask him to come and lift chewy’s spirits. (That’s  what he’s good at since he’s a joke himself) We made our way to Bras Basah and bought some white facepaint and theatre blood for Thurs (YAY)

It was a tiring day but, all in all, a once in a lifetime experience  🙂

Way overdued pic.  We went to *scape to collect our bags n bibs

Way overdued pic.
We went to *scape to collect our bags n bibs

le survivor tee

le survivor tee

 the video both days is over here ->
Ciao for now